Day 29: It's end of the challenge as we know it

Today's the last day, and we're going out on a bang

For the past month you’ve been receiving emails from me.

How has that felt?

A little more personal and direct than social media.

Has it kind of been like catching up with an old friend at a more comfortable coffee shop than the nightclub (social network) you usually see them at?

Today’s challenge is to do what I’ve been doing for the past month. To go out and start a newsletter.

You’ll need to be in this for the long haul, no-one builds an influential email following overnight, so set it right in your mind today: We’ll do this for a year.

You’ve got a few options for which email software to use.

SubStack: This is the platform I’ve been emailing you on for the past month. It has a paid email feature for premium content, and when you create an email you can send it to paid users, free users, or both. I’m sending this one to both because some people signed up but never paid.

Revue: A few of my favourite emails use Revue because of it’s focus on sharing some editorial around links to things the email creator likes.

TinyLetter: TinyLetter was a pioneer in this category - they’re simple and beautiful, and unfortunately now owned by Mailchimp.

ButtonDown: A TinyLetter competitor.

Mailchimp: The OG big ugly gorilla in the space. I don’t think Mailchimp emails get into inboxes so I don’t recommend it.

Sendy: A Mailchimp competitor that’s way cheaper.

All of these content skills you’ve been learning all month, it’s time to apply them to the greatest challenge yet: building an audience on a platform you own, your own email list. Not a place for you to sell, not a place for you to market, but a place for you to tell your own story.

Maybe people will pay for it, maybe they won’t, but you’re out of the grips of the algorithms our social network overlords force onto us.

This is your time to shine.

Also, if you haven’t yet, can I beg for some feedback?

Give some feedback on this whole thing