Preparing the way for the challenge

For the month of content is ahead of us

Saturday is day one of the #29days challenge.

For 29 days you’ll simply be exercising that muscle that clicks Share on Instagram, Publish on Facebook or your blog, Tweet on Twitter, or Post on LinkedIn.

If you want to get deep into the theories and psychologies of social networks, I’m in, but not this month. This month I just want to awaken that content creating beast inside of you.

You don’t need to be “creative type” or a “writer” to be that person.

You just need to give a shit about something. I imagine that’s why you’re in business isn’t it? You give a shit about something enough to charge people to give a shit about it for them?

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

If you haven’t ponied up the $29 yet, hit that subscribe now link. And if you have subscribed, then let’s prepare the way.


From tomorrow our whole thing is just publishing, so today, prepare yourself to publish. For the next 29 days you are not going to care about reach, or likes, or comments. Don’t stress about how many people see your thing. We’re just posting, on every network, at least once a day, sometimes more.

Accounts you should have

In the grand scheme of things, social networks come and go, and your content creation skills need to be transferable across all of them, new and old, but for this month, we’ll be focusing on:

Make sure you have accounts set up on each platform, and if you don’t know how, Google will help.


My best advice for branding all of your social networks are for them, to the best of your ability, to have the same or very similar username, display name, avatar, and bio.

As an example, my business Instagram and Facebook are almost the same, both usernames are @marriedbyjosh and the same display picture or profile picture. But on LinkedIn and Twitter I’m @joshuawithers, for legacy reasons, but then my business does also have a page on there @marriedbyjosh.


Whatever your “daily driver” computer is, make sure all of the appropriate apps are installed on that device. My daily drivers are an iPhone XS and an iPad Pro. So I’ve got all the apps installed on both.


You don’t need any special equipment for this challenge, a recent model iPhone or Android phone should suffice. I’m using an iPad and a MacBook depending on where I’m at as well. After this month of the challenge, if you really found some gold in the audio (Anchor) and video side of the challenge, you might want to invest in a better camera and better audio equipment, but don’t worry about it today.

Sleep tight

That’s it. Saturday we’re on.