What is and what isn't the 29 Days challenge?

After all, everyone is a social media guru

In your regular social media education you would expect a topic list including such topics as:

  • What is social media?

  • Social media trendsThe history of social media

  • Popular social networks today

  • Social networks that are rising in popularity

  • How to use each social network

  • Technical use of the apps and the websites

  • Ethics and morals of operating on social media

  • When to post and on what day

  • Building a social media strategy

  • Psychology of social media users

  • Measuring your efforts and building KPIs

  • Boosting posts and advertising on social media

  • Cross-posting to other networks

  • What each social network is for

  • Developing a voice

  • Posting for a brand as a team

  • Using user-generated content

  • Working with influencers

  • What does your mum think social media is for?

  • What to actually post

I am covering only one of those topics and I’m doing it for one month.

  • What to actually post.

I might suggest different networks and times around some content, but that’s not the point of this.

My goal is to exercise all of your content creation muscles so that after 29 days you have the fillings to put in your sandwich, you’ve got the furniture to put in your house, the passengers for your bus, the tenants for your apartment complex, you’ve got the content for your strategy.

Because it’s all well and good to have a great strategy and to know how to use the apps and the best times to post, but you need to have something to post. You need to have some vegemite to put on the toast. The bread, toaster, kitchen, knife, electricity, and a #toastinglifestyle is all well and good, but you need a spread to put on that knife.

That’s what this challenge is: a 29 day challenge to get you posting.

Come join the club, the 29 Days Club. And here’s a special offer, if you join today you’ll pay the same price as everyone else, but you will be higher on my “People I love list” because you didn’t mess around on coughing up $29.